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ELEXON Portal User Guide

Last modified by Nick Brooks - 21/10/2015 09:43:00

Finding Content

There are several ways of finding content on the ELEXON Portal. If there is something specific that you are looking for, we recommend using the search feature, which will find both static content and advanced functionality that draws data from the BSC databases. You can access search either directly using the search box at the top right of the page, or at the search page in the horizontal navigation bar under the ELEXON logo.

You can also browse for content using the navigation tree in the right sidebar. Clicking on one of these categories will display the content in the category and allow you to drill down into further subcategories.

Easy Access To Your Favourite Content

Once you find something that you're interested in, you may want to visit it frequently. each piece of content can be bookmarked using the "Add Bookmark" button underneath its title and description. you can view and edit your bookmarks by visiting your profile ("My Profile" in the horizontal navigation bar) and going to the "Subscriptions/Bookmarks" tab.

As you view and bookmark content, a list of "Quick Links" will appear in the "My Portal" section of the right sidebar. This shows a list of up to five of your most frequently visited bookmarks, padded out with any other (unbookmarked) content that you frequently visit. If you have more than five bookmarks, you can quickly access the entire list by clicking the "manage" link in your Quick Links.

Subscriptions and Notifications

Next to the bookmark button for any piece of content, you will also find an "Add Subscription" button. Once you are subscribed to a piece of content, you will be notified by email whenever it changes. This notification happens a maximum of once per day, and at a set time (i.e. you are not emailed at the exact point that the content changes, but rather at the next daily subscription check time).

Your subscriptions can be seen and managed along with your bookmarks in the "Subscriptions/Bookmarks" tab under your profile.

Leaving Feedback

We value any feedback that you'd like to give us on the site, good or bad. Click on the "Feedback" button in the horizontal navigation bar at any time leave feedback (you must be logged in to use this feature). We will attempt to establish what you are leaving feedback about from the last page that you were viewing, which you can either accept or change before providing your comments. We take your comments very seriously and will respond to each one individually.