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Frequently Asked Questions

Tags: faq , help
These are questions which are frequently asked about the ELEXON Portal website, other related ELEXON resources, and subjects relating to the Balancing and Settlement Code in general.

You can filter the articles by topic using the buttons below. Note that these FAQs are also exposed through the site-wide search feature.
What are the "Quick Links" in the My Portal menu?
Why can't I find the content that I came here looking for?
Is it possible to get bulk historic SBP/SSP data?
What is TIB/Rendezvous?
Why do some charts on the High Grade BMRA site say "Waiting for data"?
Why can't I see the graphs on the Low Grade BMRA website?
Where can I find the latest NHHDA or EAC/AA software?
When are Forward Contract Reports (7 day reports) produced?
Where can I find historic information relating to Power Station outages?
Where can I find BM Unit Primary Fuel type information?
Where can I obtain extended Settlement Reports or SAA-I0142 (S0142) Files?
Where can I obtain Historic BMRA data?
How can I change my Forward Contract Report to start at the beginning of the day?
Where is the National Grid Capacity Management System CMS?
What are Standard Settlement Configurations?
What are Profile Classes?
What are Time Pattern Regimes?
What are MPANs and MSIDs?
When does a Credit Default occur?
What is Market Domain Data (MDD)?
What are the benefits of registration?
Who else from my organisation uses the portal?
How do I report inaccuracies in MDD data?
Where can I find BSC related documents?
What is the field ordering in the Historic Generation By Fuel Type CSV download?
How do I use REMIT in the ELEXON Portal?
How to I collect P114 files via FTP
How is password expiration changing?
How do I collect P315 files via FTP