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Frequently Asked Question

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Last modified by Nick Brooks - 12/12/2011 16:29:26
What is TIB/Rendezvous?
TIBCO/Rendezvous is a product from TIBCO Software which provides the transport mechanism for all TIBCO products. TIBCO/Rendezvous is also known as the TIB (The Information Bus) and is in essence the messaging layer of the TIBCO Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution.

The Rendezvous software makes it easy to create distributed applications that exchange data across a network. It provides software support for network data transport and network data representation. Rendezvous software supports many hardware and software platforms, so programs running on many different kinds of computers on a network can communicate seamlessly.

The Rendezvous software uses subject-based addressing™ technology to direct messages to their destinations, so program processes can communicate without knowing the details of network addresses or connections.

TIBCO/Rendezvous allows BMRA messages originating in the NETA Central Services environment to propagate through the NETA WAN to reach connected participants.